Job Opportunities

Women's Fund of Rhode Island is searching for our next Development Director. The ideal candidate will be a fundraising generalist with at least three years of experience in a variety of fundraising strategies and whose values are consistent with intersectional feminism, anti-racism, social justice, and participatory democracy. Click on the hyperlinked text to find a full job description and information about how to apply.


Women's Policy Institute Internship- now hiring

The Position: We are looking for an intern who is comfortable working with a dynamic and fast-paced team to support us with everything from community outreach to facilitation and logistics. Depending on the cadence and need to hold remote sessions, we are also looking for someone comfortable with Zoom meeting administration and technology platforms.


There will be other coordination and admin duties as assigned.

This is a remote AND in-person position.

 You would need to be available to join us for in-person sessions in the greater Providence area for the following dates

  • Friday, August 27 - Saturday, August 28 

  • Friday, September 24

  • Friday, October 22  

  • Friday, November 12

  • Friday, December 10 

  • Friday, January 14

  • Friday, February 18 

  • March - April - Monthly remote check-in sessions TBD

  • Friday, May 20


On these days, we are anticipating an 8:30 to 5:30 commitment per session. In addition, there will be one evening session a month TBD.

 This position is ideal for someone interested in a career in politics, lobbying, nonprofit management, organizing, campaign management, policy, and advocacy, as you'll get to meet, network with, and learn from various RI-based leaders.

 Compensation: The intern will track their work hourly and will receive $15 per hour. We anticipate that most interim weeks between day-long sessions will be 2 to 3 hours or remote support work per week but session weeks will be 12 to 15 hours.

 More Information: The Women’s Policy Institute (WPI) was launched to build a progressive movement in Rhode Island that focuses on a broad range of women’s issues, fostering opportunities for cross-issue learning during sessions, encouraging participants to work in coalition, and developing an alumni network. WPI explicitly focuses on supporting the culture and agenda of policy advocacy within participants’ home organizations and communities, thereby expanding the program’s reach beyond those who directly participate. The program is free to participants thus enhancing the access and equity of the fellowship.

WPI is a program designed to train women who are community and nonprofit leaders from across the state of Rhode Island. The second program of its kind in the nation, the intention is to increase the number of community-based women leaders in Rhode Island who are actively shaping and implementing policies that affect the well-being of women and girls.

Participants in the Women’s Policy Institute learn and practice important skills in lobbying and advocacy, media messaging, community organizing, drafting legislation, and public speaking. They also build relationships with key influencers, engaging legislators, and community leaders on the advocacy project that Fellows will work on throughout the program.

 As each retreat builds on the activities of the previous retreat, program milestones are met throughout the program, including identifying legislative solutions to a specific community issue, creating an advocacy plan, conducting research on policy implementation, drafting legislation, finding sponsors to shepherd the desired bill through the legislative process and testifying before committees. 

WPI draws from three philosophical traditions: Feminism, Social Justice, and Participatory Democracy. The program is structured around four retreats and runs for nine months. Each retreat provides intense training on every step of the policy advocacy process, including research, developing bill language, meeting with legislators, providing testimony, and conducting a budget analysis. 


Equity and inclusion are key values of our organization and we continue to evolve to embody these values. As such, we recognize our responsibility to ensure our practices prioritize our values when hiring staff for our team including interns. We strongly encourage applications from persons with diverse backgrounds and experiences. WFRI is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability or any other classification considered discriminatory under applicable law.