Black Lives Matter: Is There Really Safety for Refugees in America?

Black Lives Matter: Is There Really Safety for Refugees in America?

Aline Bingyungu

During this time of grief, trauma, mourning, and call to action, the staff and Board stand in solidarity with our fellow brothers and sisters who are outraged and protesting the gruesome killing of George Floyd in Minnesota in the hands of four policemen. It is time to dismantle acts of racism, discrimination, and police brutalities that have been perpetrated against communities of black and brown for so long in our country. It is incumbent upon us to act accordingly and identify ways that we can help to put an end, once and for all, to the issues that have plagued our community for generations.


Women's Refugee Care is committed, in collaboration with others, to doing the hard work of dismantling even the most subtle forms of racism and injustice in our community. We will continue to do our best in our practices and in the work we do to help make our community a place where people of color can live comfortably and thrive for success.


Women’s Refugee Care will continue to work hard to bring diverse perspectives to the community and our partners. We will create professional leadership opportunities for our young professionals and youths. We will continue to create opportunities for economic empowerment and speak clearly, loudly, and boldly as advocates for the needs of our community and our hard-working people. We will provide Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion training for the community. We will continue to prioritize the black voices that have repeatedly gone unheard.


The death of George Floyd hurts the souls of the refugee community and the souls of America. I am worried about the future of my children in America. My kids’ future matters.


A former refugee called me a week ago. Please tell them to bring us back. The refugees were invited by the US government when they were granted asylum and yet, they fear for their own safety and livelihood. Are they truly safe here? Is there safety here? Can we ever be safe in a place that only places value on the color of our skin?


We do not have all of the answers, but we will continue to work with our leaders to foster solutions. Our commitment is to continue to educate ourselves and our community; creating partnerships that foster more equitable living, dismantling any and all forms of racism so that liberty and justice truly exist for us all.


I constantly think about Black women marginalized in America. I think about the injustice and crying every day; losing their husbands or children’s lives to the police who are supposed to protect people. We are supposed to be able to find safety and freedom and yet, all we find is death.


Black Lives Matter