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We are now accepting applications for the 2024-2025 cohort through June 14, 2024, by 5pm. You can download a copy of the application here. While there is a cost to participate, scholarships are available for those who qualify. Request a scholarship using this form.

Meet our 2023-2024 Women's Policy Institute cohort!

The Women's Policy Institute (WPI) is a professional development and leadership program designed to develop policy, advocacy, and strategic communications skills among women who are interested in influencing the policymaking process.

Every year from August through May, WPI trains individuals across the state of Rhode Island on how to draft legislation and advocate for policies that will help make our state an equitable place to live for women and girls.

The members of these cohorts come from all walks of life and have many different experience levels in policy work.

Alumni include:

  • professors
  • retirees
  • recent college graduates
  • urban planners
  • talk show hosts
  • public sector employees
  • city councilwomen
  • nonprofit leaders
  • school administrators
  • small business owners
  • and even a state senator.

Thirty percent of our alumni work in nonprofits and another twenty percent have government roles; several note the program helped them within their professions.

WPI fellows have successfully created positive change by advocating for: paid family leave and pregnancy accommodations in the workplace, codifing Roe vs. Wade through the Reproductive Privacy Act and repealing the tampon tax, policies which have now been signed into law on a state-wide level.

WPI cultivates skills for shaping policy-making at the state level with the goal of increasing the number of female leaders in the state who are actively involved in influencing and applying policies for an equitable Rhode Island. One of these women could be you!



"I want to say thank you. This has been a growth experience for me. You assembled an amazing crew of people to learn from through the monthly workshops...it has been enriching and rewarding from the beginning to now...and it's not over yet!"

- Beth Thompson, 2021/22 Fellow

"I loved building respectful and meaningful relationships with an intergenerational and interracial group of smart, interesting, and cool women while learning about local politics. I'm excited about being involved in local initiatives, campaigns, and policy initiatives."

Kisa Takesue, 2020/21 Fellow